Its All About Abandonment
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Resolving Abandonment Experiences with the Election of Barack Obama
By: J. Ray Rice, M.S.W., A.C.S.W. (All Rights Reserved)


"Take the first step in faith. You do not
have to see the whole staircase.
Just take the first step."
Martin Luther King, Jr.

A “corrective learning experience,” has been described in others writings by this author as events, experiences, or acts that allow us the opportunities and resources to correct or heal an abandonment experience. This includes our self-esteem, ability to bond, love, and trust; as well as our desires to destroy, harm, or kill others and ourselves.

A “corrective learning experience” also include feelings and reactions from abuse, rejection, acts of violent or cruelty, alienations from love ones, rejection of one’s religious beliefs, rejection or alienation from society, the taking of life, and other behaviors that have contributed to our feelings of loss, separation, low or negative self-esteem/image, self-hate, or the hatred of others. A “corrective learning experience” can heal our mistrust, angry, betrayer, or rage about events that have caused us to experience fear, hurt emotions, physical and psychological harm, or the death of people we love.

  • It is important to note that individuals, groups, and nations have a “core abandonment issue.” Their “core abandonment issue” is that issue, experience, or action that has affected an individual’s, group’s, or nation’s sense of self-worth or pride. We see these in their reactions to our actions in not respecting their customs and beliefs systems.
  • It affects the ability to bond, problem-solve, live, and work with others. This makes it difficult to live, work, respect, and interact with others.
  • It affects the ability to love, trust, and care for others or themselves. There is an increase concern for one’s short terms needs and goals over long-term solutions and the needs of others.
  • Core abandonment issues affect the ability to accept people, norms, and ideas that are different. This increases the need to support their viewpoints, behaviors, or way of thinking. Think about it!

This definition of “core abandonment issues” supports the bases that there is a need for each individual, group, society, and nation to facilitate corrective learning experiences for its individuals, as well as collectively for all of its citizens. If we would work toward this goal, we would be better individually and collectedly in achieving humankind longest and most serious goal of…learning to accept each other so we could live in peace. Humankind throughout history has demonstrated that we can achieve this goal.

It is my premise that the election of Barack Obama as the next President of the U.S. will facilitate “corrective learning experiences” to individuals, groups, and nations alike.


  • Provides a “corrective learning experience” in one’s perceptions of the worth, intellect, and capabilities of a black man.
  • Provide a role model to everyone, including minorities, children, youth, and adults in how to resolve their abandonment issues.
  • Provide an ethical role model to people of all races and nationalities.
  • Provide faith in the ability that an individual can make on society.
  • Provide a role model in playing fair.
  • Provide a role model in being honest to others and yourself.
  • Provide hope that one can serve a higher goal in the service to humankind.

Within Groups of People

  • Provide “corrective learning experiences” to groups of people in the worth, intellect, and capabilities of a black man to lead America.
  • Provide hope and straight-talk to the problems and possible solutions of problems.
  • Provide corrective policies that are fair and inclusive to everyone in society.
  • Provide one example after another in how to problem-solve.
  • Provide one example after another in resolving conflict!

Within Nations

  • Provide “corrective learning experiences” in the resolutions of problems in living on a worldwide scale.
  • Provide “corrective learning experiences” in the base principles of respect of others and fair play.
  • Provide “corrective learning experiences” in the ability of nations to work toward the common good of the citizens within their nation.
  • Provide “corrective learning experiences” in honest political conducted worldwide.
  • Provide “corrective learning experiences” in the use of open and honest dialog resulting in conflict resolution.

President Barack Obama would understand the leadership skills I learned at Tosaninc.
"Leadership is not about what you's about how to be."              
Frances Hesselbein

Barack Obama demonstrates this on a day-by-day bases! Elect Barack Obama the next President of the United States of America. He is the “corrective learning experience” we need in America and worldwide!






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