Its All About Abandonment
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What Is Your "Core Abandonment Issue?"
By: J. Ray Rice, M.S.W., A.C.S.W.

“You Cannot Treat

What You Do Not Understand!”

My purpose in asking every reader to take this one-question survey is to identify his or her core abandonment issue. The answer to this question has a three-fold purpose:

  1. To see how each individual perceive what is his or her core abandonment issue.
  2. The collected data from this question is valuable.
  3. Scientific corroboration about core abandonment issues findings from the survey.

The first question I would ask anyone is to give me his or her earliest thoughts as a young child. I would ask that they remember the age of 3, or 4 years old. After they have identified what was their earliest memory as a child I would ask that they tell me about their family and life from that moment forward. When they had reached the point of discussing why they are here, today I would ask them what was the relationship to their earliest thoughts as a young child to their issue today. What they would then realize are the following: a) their earliest thought as a young child was their “core abandonment issues,” and b) because that issue has never been resolved, they are reacting to it in their behaviors and interactions with others and themselves presently.

Before we can correct something, we have to know first what is wrong. My purpose in the article is to introduce the idea that every person born has a “core abandonment issue.” They may not be aware of it, but it is present in everyone’s life. I have talked in other articles how all communication (verbal and written), interactions (verbal and non-verbal), and behavior (real or perceived) has the ability to cause someone to experience abandonment feelings or experiences.

Identifying one’s own core abandonment issue provides each of us with the tools to correct our communications, interactions, and behaviors with others as well as toward ourselves. If your “core abandonment issue” is not listed in the survey, please send it to me by email. I will not keep your name in my data collection, only the issue.

Enjoy the discovery and grow in your knowledge of yourself and others.




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